AAA Voice Casting

630 Ninth Ave 4th Floor
New York NY 10036
Dan Duckworth (Casting Director) Jen Duckworth (Casting Director) Carole Murray Duckworth (Casting Director)
No Dropoffs
Demo Reel
AAA Voice Casting Casts for voice talent only. Particularly interested in foreign-language voiceover/narrator talent. They don't have a dedicated website, AAA is also VoiceOvers Unlimited which is a school/training for voiceover artists. It's a family run business with Dan, Jen, and Carole Murray Duckworth running the shop. Note: Particularly interested in foreign language talent. Also experienced kids and teen voice talent. To be entered into casting files, call to arrange an appointment for general interview. Address your ESL and pre-teen voice talent information to the attention of Jen Duckworth.